Our Mission:

Why GenMH?

Globally, more than 70% of people who need mental health treatment do not receive the help they need. In many cases, we have solutions that work. But we need the political will, the investment, and the dedication of human resources to bring culturally adapted, feasible solutions to people around the world.


This is where Generation Mental Health sees a possibility to make a change. There is a rising tide of passion about mental health, but there are too many barriers to entering the global mental health field. Crucially, the future of mental health treatment is not only in the hands of doctors, but it is in the hands of community members, service users, caregivers, researchers, policy makers and planners who require critical mental health knowledge and experience. 

What is the GenMH Fellowship?

We are piloting the GenMH fellowship to build foundational training for a diverse set of rising leaders in the field while providing the funding to ensure this opportunity is accessible to all. Our fellowship is focused on introducing leaders to what it means to work in the global mental health field every day, while being fully logistically and financially supported by a fellowship grant. Training before, during, and after the program will ensure that our fellows are as successful as possible during their time on the ground.

What makes GenMH unique?

There are many organizations already working on the front lines to provide services to those without access to mental health treatment, advocate for policy change, or increase awareness and decrease stigma. These organizations can’t wait for years for new leaders in the field, they have needs now. Our fellowship works to assess their current needs and fills them with the skills of our GenMH Fellows, creating a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship. This way we increase organizational capacity in the short-term and individual leadership capacity in the long-term.

Our Vision:

At Generation Mental Health, we envision a world where mental health is an active part of every health system, is on the minds of policy makers, and those with the most at stake are the ones at the table.